Dubai Marina is known as an incredibly advanced, urbane, and sophisticated community in Dubai which has trendy apartment developments, bustling business activities and holds countless landmarkes for travellers and locals alike. Despite difficulty faced by Dubai real estate trade, it is one of the few sectors in Dubai to have premium status among investors, tenants, and tourists. The various major attractions that weave a grand stature of it include its beachside position, pleasing views, lively dinning and retails areas, and contemporary lifestyle. Investors buy properties in it and do not desire selling.

They either rent out their facilities or occupy it themselves. Dubai Marina lures people from Dubai and all over the world who want to make their shelter, leisure, and shopping needs luxuriously met. For every outsider, the residents of it are few privileged people who get a chance to live in the midst of the world's elitist housing area. The residents here are quite aware of this admiration so living anywhere in Dubai other than this is not an alternative for them. After all, who wants to go away a luxury life-style and be at a distance from more than 200 exceptional restaurants and contemporary shopping malls? It would not be wrong to say that Dubai Marina is popular mostly for its top-notch restaurants. These restaurants are equally famous among the UAE locals, expats, and tourists alike. You can find a wide variety of foods here, including Indian, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Lebanese, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and traditional Arabic delicacies. From their interior to the spick and span services offered by them, and from high-quality of food and beautiful ambiance, everything about these restaurants seems to be just right.

A few of the famous eating places in Dubai Marina include Cafe Bistro, 32 Marina Street Kitchen, Maya by Richard Sandoval, Appa Kadai, Al Basha, Al Dhiyafa, Al Manara Beach Bar, Al Murjan, Amaseena, AOC French Brasserie, Ossigeno, Bice, Rhodes Mezzanine, The Grand Grill, Nar & Hail, Lucianoes, Arabiska, Assia in Work, Aquara Restaurant and Benihana.

Other than restaurants, Dubai Marina is also famous for its outstanding shopping malls and brands outlets located here. These shopping malls are famous among brand conscious people who in no way compromise on anything less than the best. People from all over Dubai visit its shopping centers to meet their shopping needs. You can see more or less every branded accessories and the top fashion product in the shopping malls and stores situated in it.

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